From Holley, With Love is a participatory multimedia publication of practical stories, resources, and inspiration for becoming who you are and creating work you love. That includes a few components:

  • From Holley, With Love: A monthly audio essay of musings and explorations on self-actualization, creative practice and process, and liberatory approaches to work; occasionally sprinkled with questions to help us get closer to the truth.

  • Seven Bops: A community sourced playlist curated to move you through the week. Every Wednesday I create a thread for submissions. From the bops folks submit and what I’m currently listening to, I’ll curate a set of seven songs to share every Sunday.

  • Gifts for Your Growth: Multimedia finds, products, resources, practices and digital + IRL experiences to enrich your life.

Is there a way I can invest in this work?

You absolutely can. Thanks for asking 😊. If you enjoy FHWL and have gained something from reading/listening/participating here, I invite you to become a paid subscriber. On top of everything I share in the free version of the publication, you’ll also gain access to:

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  • Bonus micropodcasts and experimental media

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Who’s Holley?

👋🏾 I’m an artist and cultural geographer exploring work as a pathway to self and communal actualization. In a nutshell, I study the human condition, desire, and potential within and outside of evolving definitions of work and workplace. From my research, I write and tell love stories, make media and artifacts, and design and program spaces for myself and fellow creators to develop and channel our gifts and talents for our life’s work and personal fulfillment.

Most of that work happens through my creative studio and media lab, Oratory Glory, and alongside a community of collaborators who I feel really lucky to be able to call my friends. When I’m not at the studio, I’m likely frolicking in the natural and ethereal world(s), co-stewarding a homestead with my family, devouring a good meal, obsessing over quality stationery, writing and listening to music, or adding to my vinyl, hat, and sneaker collections.

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Practical stories, resources, and inspiration for becoming who you are while creating work you love.


Holley M. Kholi-Murchison

I'm an artist and cultural geographer based in Winston Salem, NC via NYC. I tell love stories, design and facilitate experiences, and co-build worlds to help us to develop our gifts and talents for our life's work and personal fulfillment.