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this hit me hard as I gear up for one of the big seasons in my work in the church: lent leading into holy week/easter. as pastors we are enmeshed in the "because it's about god it must be everything to you" expectation, both from our church members, colleagues with unhealthy work habits, and even ourselves.

It's gonna be busy. but it also doesn't have to be everything. nor does it have to be perfect.

even here I can take grace in. and that even when a sermon falls flat or I don't get the next project off the ground, it doesn't make my ministry any less valid. and especially not my life.

thanks for this word.


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That was a word. Thank you. It is so critical for us to distinguish ourselves from the work. Taking time in the winter to really silence the noise and keep digging for our most authentic sound and vision is critical as we prepare for the Spring. Thanks Holley! Your sound is always needed and I’m grateful we can tap in! :-) Akua

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Thanks for the Toni Morrison essay. It was right on time. There is so much wisdom in her father's words. It's hard to remember in a meritocratic society where self-worth is so tied up with a work identity. The quality of our presence is so much more than our doing. Great reminder!

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I kept this in my inbox for a few weeks being so all consumed with "work" that I didn't have the time to open it --- until today, which is also the time that I knew I need to hear some HM! Like my fellow humans who left you comments, this hit me hard - and it was the most beautiful reminder that I AM NOT MY WORK. Thank you so much for you. I keep these and often come back to re-listen, revisit. Many blessings - Shelley

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