welcome home fam! 🙏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾

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Hey Holley, @ms.sshuraa from IG. You asked what did I take away !!

Here goes -- I appreciate your generous transparency.

My takeaways are that the gravity of life will permeate the best-laid plans and the most stellar environment when our inner sanctum is 'undergoing' transformation,

I will have to engage with less resistance, more ease, and more blessed assurance to trust. I will hasten to remove work or events that do not nurture/heal.

I will compose a rhythm to my life so that I am more optimal, this will lend itself to sacred productivity, not just errant busyness that results in nothing being curated.

HOW do I want to be with time? I am free, but not undeniably liberated --- I’ve never had a career outside of raising a family of seven, and often as women who chose to stay at home, the issue of worthiness pops up from time to time. ‘If I am not earning a salary, am I worthy of MY time

Knowing better daily, I desire my living breathing moments to be filled with enrichment and enthusiasm, soulful endeavors that not only allow me to be IN/timate with my body-mind/ heart coherence but also to be of service in the world.

Things I find valuable have nothing to do with money or possessions, but more me possessing myself and taking time to find that home/more/ness within my bones, my tendons, my tissues -- getting to the essence of what I am here to bring INTO the world.

Understanding that regardless of my intention, the neglect of me directly impacts my neglect of others, even if you’re physically present, you’re MIA. I am going to do more inventory, truthful inventory – some things/people will fall away.

I will be tending to the crops of my inward life and surrounding myself with the smells, tastes, relationships, and sounds of what brings me JOY – I now know that I do not have to wait on these things to be brought to me, I can provide them myself.

I will reinsert the value of my artwork front and center into my daily existence along with prayer, meditation, and studies.

I’ve lived too many years being disconnected from my vessel and making half-hearted attempts to design my journey. Today is the newest day and a blessed opportunity to change.

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